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New Wood Cook Stoves

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Stove Mica Isinglass


Stove Mica - Isinglass

Oval Stove Pipe










Chambers Manuals

Safety Systems


Coal Stoves

A hopper fed coal stove that does not take electricty of blowers!
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A hopper fed coal stove that does not use electricity or blowers!

bulletHeat exchanger tubes through firebox for natural circulation
bulletGravity fed coal hopper
bullet24 to 48 hour burn time
bulletAdjust heat with a Bimetal Draft Regulator
bulletAmish Made

5 Year Warranty



They come in several sizes

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Coal Stoves offer tremendous fuel cost savings - with the rising costs of conventional heating sources, coal stoves have again become a very cost effective alternative energy source. Depending on the model, our coal stoves can deliver up to 75,000 BTU's which is sufficient to heat a home of up to 2200 Sq. Ft. .

You can also use a Coal Stove furnace or Coal-Wood Stove Furnace to supplement your existing heating system and to reduce your heating costs.


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