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Custom Ceramic Coatings, Inc.
419 Nashville Rd., P.O. Box 105, Lenzburg, IL 62255 (618) 475-2710

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For antiques, stove parts, steel sinks, exhaust pipes, manifold, headers or any one of a kind part or product you may have. 

We specialize in steel and cast products.  We can handle limited production runs, prototype work in many available colors.  
Marine Stove
stove grates

Marine Stove
 Our customers have challenging applications,  from single item antique restorations to  prototype developments, to unique or  sporadic volume production parts. 


Whether you have one part or thousands,
we can  give you the quality and service you are seeking.

Genuine porcelain enamel 
is a glass based material fused to metal at over 1400F.
The result is a durable, beautiful finish superior to paint.

 Accept no substitutes!

You want your parts to be both durable and attractive. Choose porcelain enamel.

Please contact us for more information:
Ask for John Ballantyne

Phone: (618) 475-2710
Fax: (618) 475-4657

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Accurate Information is a Commodity

Guessing the value of a stove over the phone is not accurate.

We don't do it! 

 We are not psychic.

*For information about your stove see Appraisals page.



For Questions:

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Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm est. 

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