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Table of Contents

  1. Why do people have such high prices on Chambers stoves... ?
  2. Does the stove have any chips in the porcelain?
  3. Have the valves been taken apart and checked for leaks by a professional ?
  4. Does the Chrome have rust  ... ?
  5. What is the value of my stove... ?
  6. What makes Chambers worth $2,000- $4,000+ ... ?

Why do people have such high prices on Chambers stoves... ?

If the stove has not been restored, then they are looking for an uninformed buyer.

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Does the stove have any chips in the porcelain?

[If you answered Yes.]

Porcelain is very expensive in both time and money to restored

Depending on where the chips are the metal can warp in the process. Leading to a point of diminished esthetic returns.

Colored porcelain is very difficult to match in the restoration process.

If your stove is colored and it has chips then the value is greatly diminished.

Almost to the point of parts.

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Have the valves been taken apart and checked for leaks by a professional?

[If you answered NO.]

After 50 plus years the valves really should in my opinion be greased and checked?


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Does the chrome have rust ... ?

[If Yes.]

The pieces should be taken off the stove media blasted and then plated.

This is expensive in both time and money.

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What is the value of my stove ... ?

If the stove is form the 1940's to mid 1950's

If it has porcelain damage?

If it has not had the valves gone through?

If it is dirty?

An as average chambers stove is worth between  $100-$400.

If it has all of the pieces that came with it?

If the stove is just mint? (Be honest) Mint would mean that it has not been used.

It has no chips or scratches.

Then it is worth $400-$1,000.

This would be if the stove is easily accessible  (not in a basement)

As transportation is a very large factor.

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What makes Chambers worth $2,000- $4,000+ is ... ?

All of the labor and expense of proper restoration is what makes the value higher.

If your stove has not been restored then it does not command the price of a restored stove.


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