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Mark Hetts, "Mr. Handyperson" ... Sunday, November 17, 2002

Mark Hetts, Universal Press Syndicated Columnist, also known to  thousands of readers across

America and Canada as "Mr. Handyperson" enlightens us with useful, practical and good value gifts for

the holidays, including membership to The Old Appliance Club -

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Interest in older appliances grows
Of The Gazette Staff

The Billings Gazette - Billings, Montana
Jack Santoro, of Ventura, Calif., has seen interest in older appliances grow exponentially since he started a business to refurbish vintage household equipment 30 years ago.

The business has evolved into a clearing house for appliances, parts and information.

His The Old Appliance Club has 5,000 members around the world, and its Web site ( gets 200,000 hits a week.

Club members aren’t just interested in older stoves and refrigerators. Every type of appliance – including washers and dryers, juicers, electric mixers and “antique” televisions and radios – have passed through his business.

One of the most unusual vintage appliances Santoro ever came across was a 1950 Thor brand combination dish and clothes washer. The device had removable tubs that accommodated either clothes or dishes.

Another interesting tidbit that he came across was a small race car powered by a Maytag gas engine used on some washing machines. Maytag used the race cars to entice children and their parents into stores in the 1930s, Santoro says.

Older machines are popular because of their style and durability.

Stoves and refrigerators were made from a top-grade metal and coated with porcelain enamel.

One of the major problems with older appliances is finding parts for all models. If a part can’t be found, however, there are craftspeople who will fabricate it.

Older appliances may be a bargain if they can be bought from the original owner and the machine is in good shape. Stoves or refrigerator may cost about $200.

Appliances that have been restored with new parts, paint and chrome may cost thousands of dollars.

Santoro has written several books about vintage appliances. He says that his best tip for those shopping for older appliances is to make certain that the appliance is working up to full capacity.

Some people who have lived with an older appliance for years may have learned to live with its deficiencies and may not know that it’s not working up to par.

Before buying a stove, for example, bring along a oven thermometer. Place it in the oven, fire it up to 350 degrees and see if the oven reaches that temperature in 15 minutes.

Anyone contacting Santoro by e-mail at may receive “Keepers Vs. Clunkers: What’s it Worth?” on how to analyze an old appliance’s value.


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